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Spiritual Hypnotherapy

There are many levels that hypnotherapy can work in a person's life. It can be used to reduce anxiety or depression; lose weight or quit smoking; stop using alcohol or other addictions. There are many uses for everyday life and all those are important. But the true depth of hypnotherapy work is on a deeper level. There is a level of hypnotherapy that is more spiritual and deals with very deep aspects of our spiritual side.

What is Spiritual Hypnotherapy?

It is hypnotherapy work that goes much deeper than the usual therapy used to address life problems. It include Past Life Therapy, Shadow Work Therapy, Rebirthing, Womb Cleansings, Soul Retrieval Work and Spirit Attachment Therapy. All of these ways of working go much deeper and are working on levels of your being that are beyond your daily consciousness. There is great power in these methods and healing on a much deeper level than most people every do. This work is for those who truly want to be clear of what influences their lives.